Bonsall High School

Boys Varsity boys volleyball team
BHS Cross Country Team standing together under a canopy.
Student looking a a chart of dog types at Aloha animal hospital
Boys varsity volleyball team 2023.
Five students looking at blueprints.
Students gathered as a group in San Diego posing in front of opera sign
Two students posing in front of Cinco De Mayo poster at BHS Culture night
BHS multi-purpose room with tri-fold posters for Culture night on display. Dancers on stage
Culture night in BHS multi-purpose room. Three people posing together.
BHS students in yellow work hats and vests outside at worksite at Rainbow
Student posing in front of display at Culture Night in BHS multi-purpose room.
BHS Students posing outside of Aloha animal hospital
group of students posing outside of Rainbow facility
Student in yellow work hat at Rainbow
Culture night in the BHS multi-purpose room. Family in Columbia flag colors.
Two students posing in front of Mexican artifacts at BHS culture night
Student looking at blueprints at Rainbow
Bonsall High School building with signage.
BHS Soccer Team in blue jerseys
Three students at UCSD Health getting a cast
One student getting a purple cast off by an UCSD Health employee
Student experiencing anti-gravity treadmill at UCSD Health
Two students sitting in chairs giving double thumbs up.
Students standing in a line outside of Schools First building
Students around a conference table at Ezoic
Students around a conference table talking an employee at Ezoic
Students at Asigma Corporation to observe
Senior Volleyball Girls under banners of their name and number
Pink Thunderbird convertible with two students riding in the front.
BHS cross country team at the start in blue uniform.
Girl's Volleyball Team in two rows, wearing blue uniform
Principal Mr. Smuts pictured with Brody and Brice.

Upcoming Events

Memorial Day
Date: 5/27/2024
Yearbook Distribution
Date: 5/28/2024, 1 PM 2 PM
Yearbook Distribution
Date: 5/29/2024, 1 PM 2 PM
Yearbook Distribution
Date: 5/30/2024, 1 PM 2 PM
2024 Graduation
Date: 6/7/2024, 6 PM 8 PM

What is for Breakfast and Lunch?

Check out the BHS monthly breakfast and lunch calendar here!

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