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Report Student Absence

Complete this form to report your child's absence.

As an alternative you can contact the secondar attendance clerk, Jill Crosswhite, at (760) 305-5700 [ext 1402]. 

Reason for Absence*
Please select one of the excused absences per California Educational Code Section 48205
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* Members of the immediate family, as used in this section, means the mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, or a grandchild of the employee or of the spouse of the employee, and the spouse, son, son-in-law, daughter, daughter-in-law, brother, or sister of the employee, or any relative living in the immediate household of the employee.

Note: A pupil absent from school under this section shall be allowed to complete all assignments and tests missed during the absence that can be reasonably provided and, upon satisfactory completion within a reasonable period of time, shall be given full credit. The teacher of the class from which a pupil is absent shall determine which tests and assignments shall be reasonably equivalent to, but not necessarily identical to, the tests and assignments that the pupil missed during the absence.

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