Off-Campus Student Drivers

Bonsall High is a closed campus. Students are not permitted to leave the campus or go into the parking lot once arriving at school unless authorized to do so. If it is necessary for the student to leave during the day, the procedure below is to be followed: 

Students who have legitimate reasons to leave campus during school hours must present a signed note from their parent/guardian to the Attendance Office BEFORE school starts. (Even if students are 18 and have a signed notice on file, they must follow these rules.)

Notes will be verified by placing a call to the parent/guardian.


If a note is not brought in for an off-campus pass, a parent/guardian or someone on the contact list must come to the school with valid identification to check the student out at the Welcome Booth. Immediately upon returning to school, the student must report back to the Welcome Booth and must have the off-campus pass. The returning student will then be given a pass to class from the Attendance Office.


If the above procedure is not followed and the student leaves campus without an off-campus pass, the absence will be marked as truant.


If the student is not returning that same day, the student should hand in the off-campus pass at the Welcome Booth when leaving.