Bonsall High School curriculum is based on Stanford University’s Project Based Learning teaching model, and includes a growing number of Honors and elective courses throughout our subject offerings. Instead of short-term memorization strategies, Project Based Learning is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging, and complicated question, problem, or challenge. Our model prepares students for the modern economy and the unique challenges they will face in the 21st-century world.
Bonsall Courses

Active Students
Bonsall High School students are actively engaged in their education. Our students are taught skills of independence, problem-solving, and service learning as they are prepared for life after high school. As a tight-knit educational community, we expect all students to be active shareholders in the mission of the school by being academically prepared for rigorous critical thinking every day in every class.

Technology at BHS
Bonsall High School is a 1:1 Chromebook school; all students are issued technology at the beginning of the school year. Students use Chromebooks for reading, homework, and the grading portal. Technology is part of the 21st century skills that our students need to connect to the new global economy. We focus on online responsibilities that are geared towards creating a better world for everyone. 

Student Government and Clubs
Bonsall High School has an active ASB (Associated Students Body – our student government) and a wide variety of clubs on campus for students to participate in. Any BHS student can start a club by visiting the school office for club paperwork.

Bonsall High School participates in the CIF (California Interscholastic Federation). Sports currently offered at BHS are: co-ed cross country, girls volleyball, girls tennis, girls soccer, boys soccer, girls basketball, boys basketball, co-ed track and field, co-ed golf, and boys tennis. For more info, go to the athletics page here.

Fine Arts
Music and theater are an important part of Bonsall High School culture, and we have multiple performances each year. BHS students also perform throughout the regional community for audiences of all ages.

University of California/California State University Eligibility
At Bonsall High School, students must be complete specific course work to be eligible for UC or CSU admissions. A-G course work is completed by less than 45% of students in the state. Bonsall High School is committed for all students to be A-G compliant for post-secondary education.
University of California A-G Admission Requirements
California State University Admission Requirements

UC Approved Course List

CTE/Strong Workforce
Classes at Bonsall High School within our Career Technical Education program prepare students for trade professions directly out of high school. The growth of trade professions in California is expected to grow to 38% of all new jobs by 2025. Bonsall High School is working with Palomar College and the San Diego/Imperial Counties Strong Workforce Program to bring classes necessary for students to gain the skills needed for these new jobs.

Palomar College
Bonsall High School is proud to have an innovative relationship with Palomar College. College courses are available for all Bonsall students and are offered at BHS, online, and at Palomar College. The tuition cost of these courses is waived. College classes have a higher credit value on high school transcripts and often provide an additional grade point average boost. Attend a Bonsall / Palomar orientation meeting held each semester to find out more details about starting your college career in high school.

Students will also have the opportunity to apply for the Palomar Promise which covers most of the cost for the first year of college at Palomar.

BHS is proud to feature a student internship program as a key part of work force development for our students and is a graduation requirement for BHS.  An Internship provides high school students with an opportunity to develop their skills in creative problem-solving, interpersonal communication, and organization.  High school students work far less frequently than in previous generations and internships allow the chance to have a work-based experience to explore careers, apply academic knowledge in world-of-work situations, and give back to the community. The benefit to business leaders includes the ability to help identify core skills of future work force candidates as well as develop work skills in young people at an earlier age.